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Terms and Conditions

Terms and condition

Do you want to know the terms and condition for Yes, you may access the site in several ways from mobile phones, RSS feed, or PDAs and more. The terms and conditions apply whenever you access LocalPokies website.

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all pub listings and advertising provided by LocalPokies.

LocalPokies has the right to publish or not publish the Australian pubs listings to make sure it is comprehensive. Both paid and free listings are maintained by LocalPokies. Free pub listing does not mean that the business has commercial arrangements with LocalPokies.

Website terms of use

Use of this site

  1. The site’s users are bound by these terms and conditions. Any conditions appear on the website are subject to change at LocalPokies sole discretion. Using and accessing the site are the indication in accepting the terms and conditions.
  2. This site is for personal use only. You cannot use the site for commercial purpose or supply another service to enhance your own pub listing by creating another list of customers. Any commercial use of this site will be upon LocalPokies approval.
  3. Data, images, multimedia and text on the site are referred to Content.

User’s term of use

All users of the site must not:

  1. Use the site against the terms and condition including the breaching intellectual rights, threatening, abusing or other unlawful acts.
  2. Modify or interfere with the files and passwords. The sources and resources belong to LocalPokies.
  3. Use the directories to transmit spams in flooding techniques.
  4. Send any kinds of information without the permission of LocalPokies

Member Account Obligation

The members agree:

  1. To obey the terms and conditions
  2. To provide complete and accurate information
  3. To maintain passwords security
  4. To be responsible for the account use and the liability of the information
  5. Not to impersonate affiliations in terms of business listing and products they provide.
  6. Not to post unrelated content with hidden code
  7. LocalPokies has the full right to suspend an account. LocalPokies will notify the user of any termination with the reasons. Member will be given due date to provide written email in response to the termination.

Business Owner Obligation

As a business owner signing up at the site, you have to

  1. agree that you are the authorized representative of the business listed
  2. acknowledge that LocalPokies has no liability in causing your business damage or loss
  3. acknowledge that LocalPokies reserves the right to remove your pub listing