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What Are The Types Of Bets For Sports At TAB Australia

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TAB Australia, where you can bet on various races and sports.

You can bet on horse racing, greyhound racing, and other sports.

At Tab Australia, you will find various sports bet types. Some of the popular ones are:

    1. Head to Head

    2. First Try Scorer

    3. Most Disposals

    4. Line

    5. Margin

    6. Quarter by Quarter

    7. To Score a Try

    8.Multi bet

    9. System Multi

Types Of Bets For Sports At TAB Australia

1. Head to Head

  • In Head to Head, pick the team you think will win the contest. This bet type is like trying to pick the winner of an arm wrestle between your mates.
  • Your team must win the game.
  • Most people bet a minimum of $1, which secures at least one unit of the advertised fixed odds.
  • Example: If you bet $5, you win the fixed odds as advertised at the time of bet multiplied by five.

2. First Try Scorer

  • In this sports bet type, pick the player you think will score the first try in the game.
  • If you pick the player that scores the match's first try, you win.
  • You'll love this bet type if you have a habit of knowing which one of your mates will be the first to duck out of a round on a night out.

3. Most Disposals

  • Here, you pick the player you think will make the most handballs and kicks during the game.
  • In very loose terms, a disposal is a handball or kick, and this bet is focused on which player you think will record the most during a game, according to the official AFL statistician.

4. Line Bet

  • In-Line bet, pick the team you think will win given the points handicap.
  • In this bet, your team doesn't necessarily need to claim victory in the contest, but for you to win, they must have more points than the opposing team once the handicap of points has been factored in.

5. Margin Bet

In the Margin Bet type, you need to pick the team you think will win and the number of points you think they'll win by.

6. Quarter by Quarter bet

In a quarter-by-quarter bet, select a team to win each quarter. If you are one of those people who love the journey as much as the final destination, this is the best type for you.

7. To Score a try

In this type of bet, you have to pick a player you think will score a try during the match. If that player then crosses for a try, you're in business.

8. Multi Bet

A Multi bet enables you to effectively "all-up" your investment across sports and betting options, maximizing your return whilst sticking to what you know. The dividend is calculated by multiplying the prices of each selection together.

A TAB Multi can be made up of between a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of twenty (20) different fixed odds sport or racing options. Each of these is referred to as a leg, and one selection is required for each leg.

  • Sport and racing fixed odds options are permitted in the same Multi. However, you may only include a maximum of ten (10) racing legs in any single Multi.
  • The minimum investment for a TAB Multi is $1, and the bet can be placed via EBT or the Multi cards available in-store.
  • Most TAB betting options will be allowed in a TAB Multi, however some options will be excluded from either single betting or multiple betting. If so,
  • TAB will identify single-only markets for your information. The added advantage of placing a Multi through the is that you can access System Multi betting.

9. System Multi

A Systems Multi allows you to select multiple combinations within the same Multi, giving you more ways to win. Plus, you can include up to five legs of racing or a maximum of five different legs.

  • Add Flexi betting, and you will have one super strength: Multi. System betting allows you to take different combinations across your selected legs.
  • Use the system functionality to hedge against an unexpected result or give yourself a chance to win more if all legs are successful.
  • The easiest way to think of the system number is the minimum number of legs that your bets must be successful to get a return.

10. Super Multi

The new Super Multi allows you to select multiple combinations within the same Multi, giving you more ways to win.

Plus, you can now include up to five legs of racing or a maximum of five. Add Flexi betting, and you will have one super-strength Multi.

  • Cross Sport & Racing: Sport and racing in one multi
  • A maximum of five racing legs can be included:
  • System Betting: Select combinations in addition to the straight all-up
  • The system number is the number of legs over which the bets must be successful to get a return
  • Flexi Betting: This allows you to nominate the total spending for your bet. Total spending gets split evenly across all combinations

With a traditional Multi, you only win if all legs are successful.

With a Super Multi, you can take "Systems" within your original selections, giving you multiple combinations within the same Multi.

This means that you aren't required to win every single leg to get a return, and the more legs that are successful, the more times you win.

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How to place bets?

  • You can place bets at the nearest TAB outlet.
  • Also you can use TAB app to place bets online on sports and races.
  • Or go to TAB online site and select the event and type of bet and get the betting slip.
  • On your accounts section you can see your bets under My Bets Tab.

Final Thoughts

I found TAB app the easiest way to place bets on horse races and sports. I had opened my account and when I logged in to my account, to place the bet I made deposit with Paypal.

The deposit of funds was processed instantly and I placed my bet.

My bet slip showed the bet type and the bet amount.

Overall the betting types were easy to place. My choice was head to head bet which worked on the outcome of the sporting match.


Can I deposit with cash at TAB to place a bet?

Yes, you can make cash deposits to place your bet. However his facility only works offline at the physical TAB venues.

What are the modes of deposits at TAB online?

You can make deposit with Paypal, Debit card, BPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

Can I do phone betting?

Yes you can do phone betting at TAB.

  • Touchtone, call 132 698
  • Speech Express, call 132 842
  • TAB Operator Betting, call 133 390

Which bet should I think is best?

There is no such thing as the best bet. It depends on your choice of bet, where you want to place on which sports and what strategy you think is best.

Added on 20 Oct 2022 - 07:28